Since 2004, Allied Solar Pros has specialized in Solar Panels at wholesale, and connecting funders specialized in renewable energy (RE) projects to Developers, Integrators and EPC companies.

Solar Panels

Surplus modules are available for immediate delivery at an affordable per watt cost. Allied Solar Pros constantly monitors the surplus market for our customers.

Another popular item is incoming tier-1 PV modules, available to be delivered as soon as it arrives. Or, if it already arrived, it is stored in a warehouse near entry port ready for immediate shipment Reserving modules for later delivery requires deposit, however we can hold for 30 days free before additional warehouse fees.

If you are looking for a solar panel for a project Please send us an RFQ using the below “Quote and Consulting Request Form”

When sending us an RFQ, we need the following details. * Type of module, such as the 72 or 60-cell equivalent size, wattage, delivery address, and required date.

The above details are a must.

If required, we will reach out to you to clarify the project details, and begin to send monthly price and offer lists.

Solar Kits

Allied Solar Pros represents Giga Renewables.

If you are an installer and have any demands for solar panels, inverters, batteries and or complete solar power kits for different applications like solar street lighting, solar air conditioning, solar water pumping etc, we would be the right place for you. please contact us and lets discuss the details.

If an engineer to engineer consulting conference call is required, please contact us to schedule.

RE Financing projects

For projects big or small, Allied Solar Pros partners with funding companies to provide needed capital for our customers.

For commercial and utility sizes, please send us an overview of the projects with disclosable details.

If required, we will work on more details to fund your project… not for residential solar systems but for commercial and utility size projects.

If a NDA is required, please send us the appropriate paperwork (your generic NDA) or we can use our generic mutual NDA. Based on the project overview, Allied Solar Pros will suggest the funding partner best suited for your projects.


We send out announcements occasionally and once you fill the request form your email address is listed in our mailing list so you will receive special deal announcements and other important messages.

Hope we’ll be Allied Solar Pros!